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How Clean Is Your Office and Why Is It Important?

How Clean Is Your Office and Why Is It Important?

How Clean Is Your Office and Why Is It Important?

How Clean Is Your Office and Why Is It Important?

How Clean Is Your Office and Why Is It Important?

Your office could appear neat and orderly at first glance, but upon closer study, you might discover that not all is as it seems. You might notice some residual crumbs on workstations, an overflowing trash can, or old coffee mugs stacked in the kitchen.

Although you trust your staff to clean up after themselves, the quick sweep of your workplace when you leave can be deceiving because you never know what pathogens are hiding beneath the surface. 

So, the obvious question is, how tidy is your office? 

At E&K Hauling Junk Removal LLC, we emphasize the value of office cleaning and the most effective methods for doing it.

The Benefits & Importance of Office Cleaning

A recent study emphasized the significance of workplace cleaning since happier employees work in cleaner environments. A spotless workplace improves morale and productivity while giving workers a safe place to do their jobs.

Now that many people are returning to their places of employment, it might be time for you to think about hiring an office cleaner.

Common Places Bacteria & Germs to Build up in the Office

The workplace is a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria that can linger on surfaces for days or weeks, depending on the type. Bacteria can accumulate over time on surfaces like worktops and refrigerator doors.

Germ Hotspots in the Office

  • Phones – People’s faces and lips directly transmit germs over the phone. Technology’s device that is least likely to get cleaned, according to the study, is the office phone.
  • Keyboards: A computer keyboard can become clogged with anything, including crumbs, hair, and dead skin cells.
  • Desks – a must source of germs because, when uncleaned, they can become cluttered with snacks and lunch crumbs.
  • Microwave – Spillages and leaks can frequently be left in the microwave to breed bacteria and foul odors.

6 Surprising Office Cleanliness Facts:

  1. After using the restroom, washing your hands can limit contamination by 10%.
  2. One-third of office workers confess to not washing their hands after using the WC.
  3. 30% of employees merely wash their hands with water.
  4. On one in four people’s hands, there are fecal germs.
  5. In just four hours, one person harboring a virus can infect 50% of all the tools and workers area.
  6. Nearly two-thirds of office workers admit to eating at their workstations.

Why Should You Hire an Office Cleaning Service?

After reading the statistics, it’s not surprising that you might want to think about hiring an office cleaner. E&K Hauling Junk Removal LLC offers cleaning services and plans your cleaning to take place after business hours to reduce disruption. And make the switch so you can continue working in a spotless environment doing what you do best.

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