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Garage Cleanout, House Cleanout, Hoarder House Cleanout, Eviction Cleanout, Dumpster Relief Service, Television Disposal, and Electric Recycling

What Do We Offer?

Cleanout services is your needs for recycling and rubbish removal from homes and businesses can be satisfied by the E&K HAULING JUNK REMOVAL LLC  crew. Our team of expert local movers and rubbish removal specialists are ready to handle all of the heavy liftings, packing, and recycling that comes with cleaning out your congested area, whether you’re moving offices or into a new home. Additionally, we can help with specialty cleaning requirements like hurricane recovery, hoarding cleanup, estate cleanouts, and storage unit cleansing.

We have the experience and equipment necessary to handle any size job, big or small. We’ll clean up the area afterward so you’re left with a clean space.

Keep In Mind

There are a few things to keep in mind when removing junk from your home or property:

  • The type of junk you have: Some types of junk, such as hazardous materials, require special handling and disposal methods. Be sure to research how to properly dispose of any hazardous materials before beginning the job.
  • The amount of junk you have: The more junk you have, the more time it will take to remove it. Make sure you factor in the time it will take to complete the job when choosing a removal method.
  • Your budget: Some junk removal methods, such as hiring a professional service, can be more expensive than others. Be sure to factor in your budget when deciding on the best option for your needs.

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