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Leaf Removal

The Leaf Patrol of E&K.

Our team clears all of the leaves, limbs, and debris from all landscape planting areas during each visit using blowers and rakes. The leaves that have accumulated on your lawn are then removed by our staff by blowing them all out of the turf regions.

In a few minutes, make a local leaf removal reservation.

In order to securely remove the leaves from your property, our staff work swiftly and effectively to extract all of your leaves into a leaf-mulching vacuum truck. There are no plastic bags, and your leaves are placed directly into a composting facility that practices environmental sustainability as an added bonus.


  • Simple, stress-free removal without the use of plastic bags.
  • A composting facility receives leaves that are then processed into topsoil for local usage.

Keep in' it Green

We simply can't let things go unchecked.
Fall has a certain quality about it. Particularly after we remove all those bothersome leaves.

In terms of the environment.

We drop off our gathered leaves at Gem Dirt, where locals in the Tulsa region compost them and use them as topsoil or garden mix. It's a modest way that we can keep the autumn leaves "green."

Depending on the amount of trees in your yard, we can make a single leaf removal appointment or as many as necessary.

Comforts for pets on your yard. Have inquiries? We have solutions!

Best-rated leaf cleanup and removal services

Do you need help removing leaves? You may find a nearby lawn and leaf removal provider with Lawn Love. The era of in-person estimates, payments left on the doorstep, and sporadic local lawn care services are over. Simply provide us with your address, and in less than two minutes without ever having to set foot on your land, we will create a customized design of your yard using a combination of high-resolution satellite photography, machine learning, and human inspection.