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Television Disposal Service you need just Call Us. When it comes to televisions, everyone wants to own the newest and best technology. Of course, you have to get rid of your old TV whenever you replace it with a new one. It can be challenging to get rid of an old TV, especially if it’s a big model that you can’t lift by yourself.  E&K HAULING JUNK REMOVAL LLC is in your area and prepared to assist with the removal of any rubbish you may have for us today, including old TVs.

Environmentally friendly way to dispose of obsolete TVs

TVs contain a range of substances, including heavy metals, plastic, and other poisons like lead, which, if not disposed of correctly, constitute a severe environmental danger. This is true of many other electronic gadgets as well.

When we dispose of your used LEDs and CRTs, we use extreme caution to safeguard the ozone layer and the environment of Earth. You are not required to carry, unplug, pack, clean up, or perform any strenuous physical labor. We handle things for you when it’s convenient. Your outdated TV will vanish with just one point.

Can I throw a TV in the trash?

No, you should never throw an old TV in the trash. In fact, many garbage pickup services don’t pick up televisions, so it might not even be an option. Most old TVs also contain harmful chemicals and parts that need to be safely disposed of.

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We’ve all struggled to move an oversized, heavy TV set that is old and boxy. It almost seems as though the design of those old televisions was intended to cause back and hand pain. Could this be the reason why so many people still have outdated TVs taking up space and gathering dust in their homes?